Are you happy about the quality of news you watch on TV, read on the internet or your newspaper? Do you know how channels acquire those news?

If you have at least watched the movie by Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler, you might have an idea.

And most importantly, do you suspect the integrity of those news?

If you are interested in this, or at least if you think other people can be interested and you can benefit from that while also helping your society, Blockchain might be the solution, and you might be the one to take out unsavory intermediaries like Jake Gyllenhaal from the business of making the news known by public.

What does this project need?


First it needs to be recognized by a large number of people, so you will have people working out there to get the news from the actual sources.

Second, it needs people dedicated in open information to work as miners to confirm the integrity of those news. Integrity of the news is a very sensitive and important subject as well as being incredibly hard to implement. Facebook is still trying to solve that problem. If you ask, “So how the news channels solve it?” The answer basically is; they don’t do it completely. They check the sources, compare it with some facts and all, which are really hard and time consuming to do, but in the end, if they want to give that news to the air, they do it. They may be legally responsible, of course, if they intentionally give wrong information about sensitive subjects, which makes it even harder on them.

You can implement a set of miners comprised of people like “”, who is in the chase of false news, and you may not allow new  information to be on the chain without that confirmation.

Of course this is only one idea to solve this problem. There may be better ideas, as the project developer, that’s your problem to solve 🙂

This project, if succeeds may help a lot of people in a lot of countries to get real news instead of what they are being fed by intermediaries with other agendas. Even if you cannot solve the integrity issue, would it be really worse than having just “one or two” news agency, which belong to who knows who, to provide information to the channels?