We were promised fun as well as education and we got exactly we were looking for. I spent a month this summer in Hannover/Germany at Leibniz University and this summer school was really good. I actually even got the idea of my next research project on Big Data from here. 

Hannover was a really beautiful city and not so boring as some blog sites that I will not name here, advertise. Be that as it may, it was also so cold that I had to by winter clothes when I was there to use in some especially cold days.  

The first and foremost I would like to mention here as a highlight of this program is definitely Jan Horstmann, the main coordinator. He thought of anything and everything. He was so detail oriented that everything was planned to the nth degree, and everything worked out even with lots of people from lots of different backgrounds and expectations.
Jan Horstmann
Jan Horstmann
Leibniz University has definitely very good scholars working in IP and IT Law. I have learned a lot on our lectures. None of the lecturers were bad, but some of them was really the kind of scholars that I feel lucky to have met with. Prof. Dr. Christian Heinze, who is the professor that suggested me the program when we were conversing on my PhD subject, gave the perfect both introductory and advanced lectures on IP Law. Prof. Dr. Tina Krügel, was the exact representation of a successful data protection lawyer who can also teach, which is rare. Ioannis Revolidis said that Copyright was not his main area, but I do not know how much better it could be, if it was his area. He started from the scratch, but touched all the relevant and trendy topics and cases on Copyright.
Final Word: Waiting for Pirate Bay, being disappointed and frustrated by GDPR, this summer was an animated summer for IP and IT world. This program was a good choice for me. As far as I know, they intend to continue this program in the following years. I believe the education I got and fun I had was worth the time I spent here. Some of my friends were considering their LL.M. programs as well. I suggest you take a look too. (And this is not America, this is Europe, no overpriced education here, basically all they take is barely enough for accommodation and other expenses.)